Who is Stainless and Why?

At the beginning there was the reluctance to buy any more apparel for which people got exploited.
And dissatisfaction with the Fair Trade offer.
„So I do it myself“ was the conclusion.
Only that was easier said then done.
But I knew what it should become: STAINLESS

Stainless is a game of words, meaning without stain and flawless at the same time.
Of course apparel can become dirty but I can do my best that it is produced as ethically and organic as possible.

For that you need quite something:
Learn how to sew
Learn how to make patterns
Learn to digitize patterns
Understand the Far Trade system
Accomplish a Fair Trade certification for Stainless
Find business partners that are willing to supply small quantities
Establish a business relation with partners in India
Export and import
Build a web shop

Now there is Stainless!
After a 1000 Shirts sewn by myself, we have the first collection sewn in India.
Without investors and external finance.
Without agents or other multipliers, but with a direct business relation to India!
And with the help of a lot of friends. Without Adam, Diana, Maarten and Ehud it would have been difficult.
And now: Buy a shirt, save the world!

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